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Why Choose Bass Law Group for Elder Law and Health Care Risk Management

At Bass Law Group, we are passionate about Elder Law issues and strive to help our clients “be prepared” in advance for smooth transitioning into the golden years. Life is a journey. It’s been said that nothing in life is certain except change. Taking care of the legal paperwork in advance that needs to be dealt with along the journey can be difficult. In fact, navigating the health care and legal systems, with all their twists and turns requires nothing short of a map and compass.

Our mission at Bass Law Group is to be your guide to assist you and your family to navigate the complex legal pathways that are required of you and your older or disabled family member to ensure you get health care assistance while maximizing and protecting your assets. We specialize in Elder Law and can help you with a range of services from estate planning, wills, trusts and incapacity planning including powers of attorney and advanced directives – our goal is help prepare you for the future.

Most Americans today have concerns about the financial and legal aspects of the aging process. Our firm can help you navigate through the maze of healthcare laws and regulations in regards to elder care and managing the “risks” involved. We can assist you in the preservation of your savings, your income and even your home.

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Meet Sheron Alves Bass

Licensed by the Florida Bar, health Care Risk Manager licensed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration and VA Accredited Attorney

With more than 25 years in the practice of law, Sheron Alves Bass understands that “elder law” is really about life-planning. Many people don’t begin thinking about “life planning” until they are in their 80’s; this can be detrimental.

Elder and Health Care Law go hand-in hand as both focus on finding care for people and having a better quality of life. Sheron believes in “living life to the fullest” as she practices what she teaches by helping others thrive and survive during these fast-paced times.

With a broad array of expertise in Elder Law and Risk Management, Sheron brings a level of experience that is unique compared to other Elder Law attorneys. Sheron is an experienced Health Care Risk Manager licensed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. For example, her extensive background in hospital risk management has given her the knowledge that is rarely found in Elder Law to better enable clients to prepare for unexpected loop-holes in the system. She has taken this unique training and proficiency and expanded to grow her practice in this area.

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Our Legal Services

The Elder Law specialists at Bass Law Group can assist you in the implementation of important decisions that will help to guard your financial and personal independence and promote your freedom of choice in your golden years.

Wills and Trusts

Bass Law Group can assist you in the drafting and execution of your last will and testament and offers you and your family personalized estate planning. Did you know that not every client needs a will and sometimes it is an unnecessary expense?

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Asset Protection

For Medical assistance (Medicaid and Medicare) and other purposes, different types of asset planning and protection may be in order for your particular situation. A variety of methods of asset protection work best for different people and every situation is unique. Find out what we can do to protect your financial future.

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Probate and Guardianship

For those who may at some point in their lifetime become unable to manage their own assets or healthcare decisions, Bass Law Group can help you to appoint someone who will guard your finances and make the necessary financial and health-care choices for you at a future time. For those who wish to pass a financial legacy to their loved ones, Bass Law Group will advocate on behalf of your estate to make sure your legacy is maximized and protected.

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Veteran’s Benefits

The benefits that are available to Veterans may at some point require management in order to make the right decisions for those who have served our country. Quite often a skilled professional is needed to ensure you are aware of all the benefits you are entitled to and to also assist in preparing the applications. We can help to ensure that the benefits you’ve earned are well managed and used to your advantage during your lifetime.

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Healthcare Forms
and Planning

Healthcare forms and pre-planning are part of the services that Bass Law Group offers. From living wills to healthcare proxies, Bass Law Group is available to assist you in preparing the healthcare forms you may need to ensure the care that you get is the care that you would want.

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Our Service Area

With offices located in Northeast Tampa, Sheron Alves Bass is a life-long resident of Tampa. It is a matter of great pride to Sheron that she serves the elderly and the community of which she is a part. Sheron is an active member in multiple professional legal associations, inclusive of the Florida Bar Health Law, Hillsborough County Bar Association, and the American Health Lawyer’s.

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What People Say About Us

  • “I find Sheron to be a caring, trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney. Her extensive professional and personal experience enables her to understand the complex issues of her clients. Her compassion for others is evident in how she devotes her time with volunteering in her community and at church. I will continue to seek her professional counsel and encourage anyone looking for legal services to work with Sheron.”
    Teresa Jackson, MAG, CMCProfessional Geriatric Care Manager
  • “It has been my pleasure to know Sheron Alves Bass over the past seven years, in both a personal and professional basis.  She is honorable, diligent, caring, and talented.  After both my family and I sought her legal services, it became clear that she treats each client as though they were her only client. Further, there were no concerns that the work would require "do overs." I can, without reservations, highly recommend Ms. Alves Bass, attorney at law.”
    Diane P. NalleyClient
  • “This cautious baby boomer was so pleased with Sheron's knowledge, professionalism, expertise and compassion that I sent my best friends to her for legal services. Additionally, hearing her speak in a public format on key legal issues re-enforced my confidence in my choice. I highly recommend Sheron when you are in need of legal counseling or services.”
    Madeline ManuelClient
  • "I cannot praise highly enough the integrity and professionalism of Mrs. Sheron A. Bass.  Her work ethic and enthusiasm to assist her clients is only surpassed by her compassion.  Not only am I an extremely satisfied client, I am also privileged to call her my dear friend. Sheron has the knowledge and expertise required of an attorney. I highly recommend her services.”
    Teryl DoughtenClient

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