Veteran’s Benefits

Did you know as a Veteran you may qualify for special benefits?

Most veterans on VA pensions are only for the veteran who was wounded in action or who was disabled while serving on active duty in our armed forces. Many millions of veterans are getting veterans benefits and their spouses or dependent children may also be eligible for the monthly benefits that they have coming. That is true simply because they are over 65, meet specific financial requirements and are home bound, are in assisted living care or are in a nursing home setting.  That means guarding the funding and making sure that it is available is of importance to both the veteran and their family.

These veterans need someone that they can trust to advise them about how to secure the veterans benefits. The veteran or their survivors must be prepared to document that their medical expenses will exceed their income and the limitations on their assets. Getting and keeping the veterans benefits can be a very significant help to the veterans family in paying for long term costs.

You can trust Bass Law Group to help you plan and secure your long term veterans benefits for which you may be eligible and to provide for the disbursement of those benefits in the event that you or your family member is unable to do so.

Providing for the long term care of your family takes preplanning. Ensuring that your family and your own future is taken care of is the goal of Bass Law Group, whose expertise and experience in elder care is unparalleled.

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