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At Bass Law Group, we understand how the death of a loved one can be a very painful and difficult time. If the need should arise, we make the probate process as simple and stress-free as possible as we know the questions to ask and the actions to take.

Many of our clients are unclear on what Probate is. Probate is simply a court-ordered process administering the change of title of your assets from your name to your heirs or designated beneficiaries’ names. This process requires an attorney to handle the probate and can take over a year to complete depending on the specific assets, debts and beneficiaries involved in the estate. Depending upon the net worth of the individual, and if less than $75,000, it’s possible to go through what is called “Summary Administration”, which is an abbreviated form of a full Probate and is less expensive to administer. In some circumstances, by creating a trust, you may spend a little money upfront to save money down the road by avoiding costs and extended time in court.

As each case is unique, we would like the opportunity to educate you on the process, services available and how we could best assist you.

Please allow us to help you navigate and plan for life’s transitions.


A person as a result of an accident, illness, or simple aging, may become unable to care for themselves physically or be unable to manage their finances. Bass Law Group can help family members or care providers obtain legal control of a person’s physical or financial decision-making authority to make sure that person’s needs are met and their assets are protected. Additionally, we can help appointed guardians prepare and file annual accountings and inventories required by state law and assist the guardian in getting court-approval for certain actions when necessary.

If you’re concerned about your loved one not being able to care for himself or herself and personal affairs, a guardian may be necessary. We take pride in helping and educating families about the guardianship process and what is involved.

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